Research – Quantum Hall Effect

Building a Quantum Hall Effect Advanced lab at Augustana is inter­esting for a number of different reasons.

  • This lab will address one of the prob­lems of teaching quantum mechanics; the lack of hands-on expe­ri­ence for a subject that is not intu­itive. One of the issues of quantum mechanics is that matter is described by a prob­a­bility wave­func­tion. A quantum hall effect lab will there­fore be a hands-on approach to viewing the wave nature of matter.
  • The Quantum Hall Effect is not an exper­i­ment that is commonly done in an under­grad­uate setting. We have found one other school that provides this lab as an under­grad­uate advanced lab.
  • This lab will fulfill a need in the physics depart­ment for more chal­lenging advanced labs.
  • This project is a combi­na­tion of physics research and physics peda­gogy. I am still deciding between working toward a teaching job or research job and I hope that the combi­na­tion of those two aspects of this project will help make my decision.
  • This lab will honor Augie alum and Nobel Laureate Daniel Tsui, who earned the Nobel Prize for the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect in 1998.

Project Proposal (pdf)

Summer 2011 Summary (pdf)

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