About Me

After completing my Bachelor’s degree at Augustana, I decided to make the move to “the sunshine state”. Deciding to continue my educa­tion I enrolled in a MBA program at the University of South Florida; there expanding my knowl­edge of modern day busi­ness prac­tices. Along with my move from “the land of Lincoln” I was also hired as the Web/Applications Developer for the Sarasota County Tax Collector. In that role I have continue to work on my web concept/design/development skills by means of working on a new web pres­ence for the office. Additionally, while in Florida, I have began expanding my knowl­edge of the Microsoft ecosystem.

Throughout my four years at Augustana I grew to become part of the Physics Department. Starting Junior year I was asked to hold study sessions for the 100 level class and proctor a 100 level physics lab. I accepted the chal­lenge and found enjoy­ment in helping others under­stand the field that I love. From then on my involve­ment in the Physics Department has increased; currently I proctor a 100 level lab, grade lab reports for the 200 level labs, hold bi-weekly study/tutor sessions for the 100 level class, and tutor indi­vidual students taking 100 and 200 level physics.

In addi­tion to physics my acad­emic career at Augustana College included math classes, Spanish classes, and general acad­emic classes. Along with my major in physics I have a minor in math­e­matics and Spanish.

Web & Design
From 2008 through 2012 I held the position as President of the Augustana Web Guild,  a student orga­ni­za­tion at Augustana College that builds websites for busi­nesses and non-profits. As a member of the group I spent time learning (and staying current) with different coding styles and languages, designing and coding various websites, conducting client meet­ings, consulting clients with best prac­tices for the web. While being the student pres­i­dent of the group I have expe­ri­enced many aspects of the busi­ness world that have helped me, not only with the Web Guild, but with my studies as a physics major as well. For example, with every client meeting talking to new people and presenting infor­ma­tion in creative ways has become easier. These skills have carried over to other aspects of my life by helping me find solu­tions to different prob­lems that arise. The ability to commu­ni­cate tech­nical infor­ma­tion in non-technical ways has also helped me to write reports and commu­ni­cate infor­ma­tion in ways that are easy to under­stand by anyone looking at my work.

Additionally, I have worked on design projects that range from enve­lope layout to book layout. My design career started while working with the Communication and Marketing office at Augustana College. There I was able to learn about print design from Augustana’s designers and produc­tion manager.